Pacto Vintage Helmets Joins Groesbeck Grand Prix as Sponsor


Racers who will be taking part in the inaugural running of the Groesbeck Grand Prix will have the opportunity to win a one of a kind Pacto racing helmet featuring the Groesbeck Grand Prix Logo and custom embroidery on the inside commemorating the event. The winner of this helmet will be the driver who sets the course record at the event this September in Groesbeck, Texas.

"We are excited to have Pacto on board as a sponsor of the Groesbeck Grand Prix, Danilo's helmets have become as famous the cars they are worn in. You can't go to a proper vintage event and not see a Pacto helmet and gear. Having a brand like Pacto supporting the event is very important to us." Said Michael Satterfield, Director Groesbeck Grand Prix.

Pacto was founded in San Jose, Costa Rica by Danilo Coto Cruz and has been a staple of events like the Mille Miglia, Colorado Grand, and The Goodwood Festival of Speed. You can learn more about Pacto helmets and driving apparel at