Classic Alfa Romeo to Race at Groesbeck Grand Prix


Drive Primo Maor was hooked on speed since his first push kart, but growing up in a country that back in the day all you could do is dream of becoming a racer, his dream became a reality here in Texas. 10 years ago Primo start racing vintage cars in his 1971 fiat 124 Coupe. But his heart was always with Alfa Romeo, but building his dream race car would take over 5 years.

The 1967 Alfa Romeo GT Jr. was started in early 2017 and since its completion has campaigned in SVRA events in Texas. Primo also has raced in the SCCA's Spec Racer Ford Gen3 since 2018. We are looking forward to seeing Primo and his classic Alfa Romeo at this year's Groesbeck Grand Prix.