Russ Rosenberg To Campaign Yenko Stinger at Groesbeck Grand Prix

by Michael Satterfield

Russ Rosenberg will be racing his 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Yenko Stinger at the Inaugural Groesbeck Grand Prix. The car build started in 2015 and began campaigning at the end of 2016 and features engines built by Jeff Moore of Automotive Archaeologists, delivering multiple podium finishes.

Unlike many drivers who started karting at an early age, Russ didn't get behind the wheel of a competition car until he was 49 and has been competing in 12-15 vintage and endurance racing events annually. Russ has even authored a book "Racing Under the Illusion of Grandeur" that follows his journey into the world of vintage motorsports.

We look forward to seeing Russ and his TxCoyote Racing Yenko Stinger on the grid in Groesbeck.